We are proud to offer our customers a wide and diverse array of statues from the Himalayan region. Portraying gods from Buddhist and Hindu religions, the statues are ornate and individual without any exact replica all the world over.

The uniqueness of these statues is due to the special, centuries-old manner in which they are made. Each piece is first carved from wax and then covered in clay. Molten metal is then poured into the clay shell, causing the wax to melt and run out. Finally, the clay is smashed, revealing the work of art inside. This technique automatically eliminates the chance of a copy, which ensures that whoever possesses the statue has a one of a kind piece.

No matter which god or goddess you are looking for, be assured that it can be found at Prem-La. We also have an enormous selection Dhyani Buddhas, some of the most popular of the Buddhist statues. Please, come by Prem-La and see what we have to offer.

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