A far cry from what you pick up from your office supply store, Nepali Handmade Paper is the end result of an involved process that is designed to produce some of the world’s most beautiful, high-quality paper.

This handmade paper is made the bark of a plant known as the Daphne Bush or “Lokta” in Nepal. The bark of this plant has a very long and fibrous structure, which ensures that the paper made from the Lokta is not only incredibly durable but also very attractive. The plants from which the bark is harvested are grown in cautiously managed forests, so the utmost care is taken to maintain the local ecology. In addition, the perennial regrowth ensures labor year after year, helping to bolster the Nepalese economy.

This exquisite paper is used to make stationary, notebooks, lamps, or numerous other beautiful products. Come in today to see all the exquisite paper crafts we have on hand.

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