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Now in its 30th year of service, Prem-La provides all the wonders of the Himalayas to the people of the Boston area and the rest of the United States. An extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff makes sure that with each purchase you get exactly what you are looking for and always leave Prem-La better informed than when you entered. Crossing the threshold of Prem-La, you are transported to a new world; the world of ancient Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Tibet; the world of ceremonial ritual and crafts created just as they were centuries upon centuries ago. You are surrounding by statues, Tankas, and prayer flags. Hand-woven carpets, genuine instruments, and incense. All of the products sold at Prem-La are genuine articles, produced by the people of Nepal and the Himalayas, bought at fair prices from their creators.

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